Rules & Regulations

We have implemented the following rules for safety reasons:

Everyone will be subject to being searched.

If you do not wish to be searched do not buy a ticket there are no refunds. A physical search is required for safety.

All bags, purses, backpacks, or other similar items will be opened and searched.

No outside food or drink is allowed.

No in and out , you must buy another ticket to re enter

Alcoholic beverages are limited to a designated area and V.I.P. space.

No loitering outside the gates in the parking area or alongside US 301 

No Parking on the shoulder of US 301 The County will have you towed.

Everyone will have to provide valid ID in order to get a band to drink alcohol regardless to how old they may appear.  

All artists, vendors, and vehicles are required to register on-line prior to participating. No registration, no participation!

This is a no tolerance venue - no guns , knives, or weapons allowed on the property. All confiscated weapons are turned over to the Alachua County Sheriff's office.